Exchange Guns for Cash

If you're looking for a gun pawn store, visit Wildwood in South China, Maine

Are you looking for a reputable gun pawn store where you can exchange your guns for money? You'll find one in South China, ME when you come to Wildwood Inc.

We're a dependable pawn shop that can pawn your firearms for you. If you have anything to sell, let us know. You can stop by our store or call 207-968-2138 today. We're always buying.

How does the gun pawn process work?

How does the gun pawn process work?

If you select us as a gun pawn store, we'll follow a safe, legal process to pay you for your firearms. Here is how our pawing process works:

  • You bring the firearms and state-issued identification to our pawn shop.
  • You discuss the value of your items with us.
  • We examine the items to assess their quality.
  • We agree on pawning your guns
  • We complete paperwork for you

For your safety and convenience, we will do legal, person-to-person, face-to-face transfers for free.