Connect With History by Getting Collectible Guns

Check out our antique guns in South China, Maine

When you're holding an antique gun, you're holding a piece of American history. Wildwood Inc. has a wide variety of collectible guns in South China, ME. Our antique guns will help you connect with the past in a very real way.

You can find everything from Colt pistols to Remington rifles. Our guns are works of art that we know you'll appreciate for years to come. Contact us at 207-968-2138 to learn more about antique guns today.

We have an impressive inventory of collectible guns

We have an impressive inventory of collectible guns

You can stop by our shop to find guns with an array of different actions, including:

  • Bolt
  • Pump
  • Lever
  • Single-action
  • Double-action

As professional gun collectors, we have a very unique and extensive inventory. We know that you'll be impressed with our stock. Visit our shop in South China, ME today to get your hands on our collectible guns.